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Crossroads Newsletter Listing 2014:

Summer Issue 2   889 KB

Make crossings accessible
Practice safe backing
Stadelman reflects
Know your roads
Upcoming workshops
Contact Crossroads

Spring Issue 1   1.3 MB
High friction surface improves safety on curves
Alternatives fuel fleet replacements
Madison tests hybrid electric trucks
Keep low-volume roads in service
Training programs and demos
Host a demo in October
Inspect for retroreflectivity

Fall Issue 4   4.3 MB
Roundabouts replace dangerous intersections
Plan updates statewide safety priorities
February deadline for improvement funds
Safety Edge becomes standard
Good communications
Hands-on with equipment calibration

Summer/Fall Issue 3   679k
Fine tune equipment for efficient snow season
Spotlight on gravel roads
Keep the salt on the road
Better ditch maintenance

Spring/Summer Issue 2   1.5 MB
Accurate ratings guide planning
Farm equipment study weighs impact on roads
Supervisory and management training a practical resource
Keep sign retroreflectivity in view
Crossroads Article Index

Winter Issue 1   858k
Safer, stornger town roads
Ethics in its place
Data-driven road improvements
Better crash data
Transportation report released

Fall Issue 4   832k

Summer Issue 3   1.4 MB

Spring Issue 2   1.1 MB

Winter Issue 1   1.2 MB

Fall Issue 4   832k

Summer Issue 3   633k

Spring Issue 2   913k

Winter Issue 1   1.9 MB

Fall Issue 4   483k

Summer Issue 3   664k

Spring Issue 2   569k

Winter Issue 1   487k

Fall Issue 4   608k

Summer Issue 3   1.1 MB

Spring Issue 2   1.1 MB

Winter Issue 1   836k

Fall Issue 4   966k

Summer Issue 3   1.0 MB

Spring Issue 2   748k

Winter Issue 1   940k

Fall Issue 4   908k

Summer Issue 3   940k

Spring Issue 2   904k

Winter Issue 1   428k

Fall Issue 4   1.1 MB

Summer Issue 3   1.3 MB

Spring Issue 2   1.5 MB

Winter Issue 1   1.1 MB

Fall Issue 4   1.1 MB

Summer Issue 3   587k

Spring Issue 2   822k

Winter Issue 1   1.1 MB

Fall Issue 4   676k

Summer Issue 3   756k

Spring Issue 2   508k

Winter Issue 1   309k

Fall Issue 4   178k

Summer Issue 3   793k

Spring Issue 2   348k

Winter Issue 1   121k

Fall Issue 4   286k

Summer Issue 3   248k

Spring Issue 2   429k

Winter Issue 1   364k

Fall Issue 4   541k

Summer Issue 3   622k

Spring Issue 2   618k

Winter Issue 1   436k

Fall Issue 4   539k

Summer Issue 3   341k

Spring Issue 2   326k

Winter Issue 1   519k

Fall Issue 4   670k

Summer Issue 3   670k

Spring Issue 2   482k

Winter Issue 1   394k

Fall Issue 4   314k

Summer Issue 3   250k

Spring Issue 2   426k

Winter Issue 1   348k

Fall Issue 4   413k

Summer Issue 3   352k

Spring Issue 2   361k

Winter Issue 1   427k

Fall Issue 4   440k

Summer Issue 3   368k

Spring Issue 2   286k

Winter Issue 1   314k

Fall Issue 4   354k
Idea Exchange: Safety cage for forklift; Cold mix holder good patrol tool
Are you ready for winter? Join the snowplow rodeo
Getting help from WisDOT Districts
Big CDL employers advise: start early, join forces
Newest Roadware easier to use
Metrication marches on

Summer Issue 3   296k
Idea Exchange: Gravel retriever; Single rope rumble strip; Latex paint working well; Reverse bucket configuration for culverts
Plastic pipe winning converts
ROADWARE makes convincing argument
Cinder chips make better sealcoats
Special bridge inspections underway
PONTIS software for managing bridges
Reducing red light running

Spring Issue 2   534k
Idea Exchange: Free poster sign; Computerized sign systems
Interactive video, new training tool
Bad drainage can kill your roads
Roadware has varied uses, benefits
How's your Metric-Q

Winter Issue 1   242k
Idea Exchange: Breakaway post couplers; Stop sign warning study needs help; Hydraulic motor for shouldering machine; Culvert pipe end reshaper
Anti-icing research promising
New Organization emerging at WisDOT
Deadly pavement edge dropoffs are preventable
Use "Double fines" law to wake up drivers
Asbestos risk from brake and clutch repairs
Answering driveway complaints
LRIP up for renewal